4 Countertop Edge Styles to Consider for Your Kitchen

Many people tend to neglect the countertops and randomly select one on the basis of their impulse. They often forget that countertops help in creating the focal point in the kitchen. No matter when installing a stone, solid surface or laminate, these edge styles will help in fixing the problems and deliver you supreme quality when it comes to functionality and aesthetics. They are easy to clean as they lack the grooves in fancier styles that accumulate debris and food crumbs. Here are the countertop edge styles suggested by comptoir de cuisine Entrepot Cuisineto give a try.

  1. Single bevel

This is a square edge cut along at the top at 45 degree angle more or less. It showcases straight lines and slight decoration which pops up the elegance of small kitchen without overdoing the color and styles of counter, wall, cabinet, appliances, floors, or furniture. The single bevel also seems like you invested a fortune on your kitchen.

  1. Bullnose

It is a smooth and round edged cut that enhances a countertop material gracefully. The curved design renders the surface and a small kitchen elegant without overdoing the colors and styles of counter, wall, cabinet, appliances, floors, or furniture. Bullnose also seems like you invested a fortune on your kitchen. There are two types of bullnose edge: half bullnose and full bullnose. Half bullnose comes with a rounded edge that pairs great with traditional looks. It gives a thicker look to the edges. Full bullnose helps in giving a soft look and feel to the kitchen edge. It makes the edges look thinner.

  1. Eased edge

This is a slightly softened square that lifts the hard and sharp edge found on the laminate countertops. These styles never distracts the viewer from a small kitchen. As a matter of fact, it adds an upscale look to small kitchen and pairs well with modern design that encompasses thinly shaped counters and hidden counter extensions that work when you need extra work or meal space.

  1. Double bevel

This can easily be customized with various size angles and width. This lets the homeowner to customize the look of the granite edge. The double bevel captures light from both sides that create an impact in your kitchen.

No matter what kind of kitchen remodel you go for, it is essential to consult with a countertop expert to ascertain the ideal style for your kitchen space and theme so that after a month of installation you are not surprised with what you chose for a certain countertop edge style.

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