Bathroom Design Ideas for the Holidays

Time flies so fast. It’s the Christmas season again. A lot of people are already collecting items to decorate their homes. They even invite other guests to visit and appreciate the effort they put on this.

During and even before the holidays, people tend to put all the decors as possible at their homes. We put so much effort into decorating selected parts of the house like the living room and kitchen, little did we know we can also decorate our bathroom.

Want to have an idea on how to decorate your bathroom? Follow these ideas in designing your bathroom for the holidays:

  1. Hang some Christmas balls by the shower
  • If you have extra Christmas balls at home, you can use these to decorate your bathroom. You can hang them by the window or by the towel hanger.
  1. Add wreaths by the mirror
  • Aside from the main door of your home, one of the places to put a wreath is at your bathroom mirror. It is highly recommended to buy a silver, minimal wreath.
  1. Have a Christmas tree
  • You can have a miniature Christmas tree and place it beside the bathtub or sink.
  1. Go for green and red
  • One of the things that you can use to feel the Christmas vibe more is to have a set of decorations in the colors of green and red. Just be cautious in adding lights, make sure it is far from where the water can go.
  1. Hang garlands around the mirror
  • If you don’t have a Christmas tree available to be placed in the bathroom, you can hang garlands around the mirror.

Regardless of your Christmas decorations at home, it is essential that this season you are bonding with your family and friends.

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