Best value for money office space in Bangalore

Office spaces are one of the most fast-developing concepts these days. They are very good and economical for rising entrepreneurs. There are both physical and virtual office spaces. Some of them are as follows

Attic Space

At Attic Space, you will get a ready to use office space in Bangalore designed as per your business specifications. They are good for start-ups and small or medium enterprises. They provide all the amenities required for the basic office set up which takes care of major things such as government orders and minor things such as cafeteria for office staff.  They search for locations that will be best suited for you as per your business needs. Their entire team takes care that your business is running without any hassle in the office environment.


Novel offices got established in Bengaluru in 2008. They provide fully furnished office space as per the business requirements. They customize each and everything according to business demands. Their rentals are very reasonable without any advance deposits or lock-ins. You can start working on the day you move in. They keep everything ready for you very effectively even minor things such as internet connection.

We Work

We Work provides common workspaces. Whether it’s a small business or developing a full-fledged headquarters people at We Work are quite pro at it. They personally look after all arrangements and develop an efficient office space for you to work in. They also keep recreational activities in the office so that they get rejuvenated and hence become more dedicated and focused on work. They take care of your security and privacy too. They also provide reception areas with your company logo so that the clients and employees feel comfortable when they walk in your office area.


Coworking in basically a shared office space. Different individuals or a group of people wok collectively and share the same office. Like if you have an empty office space you can rent it out to some freelancer or someone looking for start-ups depending upon the space you have. The people co-working mostly share the same internet connections, cafeteria and sometimes even conference halls. While co-working there are chances of developing the business as you mingle and talk with people working in different fields. 


The Workshaala office premises are built keeping in mind all day do day requirements of office bearers. They provide air condition offices and conference rooms, internet connectivity, security, staff for maintenance, lifts, electricity backups, parking spaces and cafeteria etc. In short, they make sure that all your business needs are fulfilled so that u can focus solely on your business and help it grow in leaps and bounds. Sometimes they also give places to students for startups or any new project. They can use this space as a part-time office. They also provide a virtual office for the people who need one.

Startup Huts

Any good business idea should not suffer because of the lack of land or real estate. These provide spaces for upcoming entrepreneurs. In their arrangement, the walls or cabin desks are not fixed to the floor. One can shift and accommodate them as per their business requirements. You can also share working space with others or also can opt for a dedicated working space whichever suits them best. You can also use conference rooms, scanners or printers all after paying little extra after usage. They also help in marketing and technical support. Overall it is a nice place to groom your startup business.


They also provide office spaces suiting all types of business standards as both on a large and small scale with all sizes and budgets. They provide both physical and virtual office spaces with all kinds of amenities. One of the advantages of this is that they provide you with a membership that you can use in any of the Regus workspaces across the world. They take away all the burden of management and development of the property from the business men’s shoulder. They provide full-day customer service and also a solely dedicated account manager. There are no time constraints as such. People can work whenever they want and however they want.


They have office space for the individual as well as a complete team. People can hire one desk or set up an entire ready to move on the office with the help of Bhive.  They offer different packages which will suit all your business requirements and also will be economical. It is present in all the commercially hyped localities of Bengaluru.

The few other companies which provide working or co-working space are

  • Kafnu
  • Workafella
  • Indiqube
  • Awfis
  • 91springboard
  • Inniv8 Coworking
  • CommuneCoworks


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