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The water spray nozzles that equip modern sprinkler spray systems are fundamental for the functionality and effectiveness of the entire system. With a “sporty” comparison that gives a good idea of ​​their importance, it could be said that they are to a correct evaporative cooling, as the condition of the tires is to the behavior of a Formula 1 car.

Cleaning allows the atomized water to evaporate properly because it is necessary for it to escape at high pressure from a regular sized hole. When the partial or total occlusion of the hole positioned on the head of the nebulizer nozzle interferes in the flow of cold steam, the water molecules collide which, when joined together, grow in size and do not evaporate. This leads to excessive humidity and in the worst cases to dripping. For this reason the quality and condition of the spray nozzles must always be optimal, cleaning the nozzles is vital. You can have the aid of the sprinkler repair dallas in this case.

Limestone cleaning

  • The first defendant of bad misting is obviously calcium carbonate. 
  • In the presence of hard mains water, the frequency with which the nozzles become dirty will be greater and the cleaning essential. 
  • In plants for industrial and commercial use it is common practice to equip the system with a water softening system or reverse osmosis system to decalcify the water in the most appropriate way.

An economic but not always effective solution is the use of electromagnets of adequate power, which placed at the water inlet before the high-pressure pump, reduce fouling in the pump and on the spray nozzles.

  • Cleaning the nozzles one step at a time
  • Make sure the system is switched off
  • Get the spare nozzles supplied and make sure they are tightly closed
  • Unscrew pieces that drip or atomize inappropriately from the line
  • Replace nozzles encrusted with clean
  • Open the encrusted ones separating them into the body, head and drip pin
  • Place them disassembled and broken down, in a glass with vinegar or limescale
  • After about an hour rinse in cold water and dry by blowing
  • Check the hole inside the head and remove foreign dirt (cotton buds)
  • Re-assemble the nozzles by correctly positioning the pin with a spring inside them
  • Store them so clean and ready for the next use in a drawer

Important tips for running the sprinkler system

If the misting system is placed outside, it is essential to remove the nozzles and empty the high-pressure line from the water as soon as you finish using the system (end of season)

  • The spray nozzles Neo Tech mountain gaskets Viton, a high mechanical strength and quality material. 
  • However it is strongly advised against using corrosive substances such as Muriatic Acid, Caustic Soda, highly aggressive acids for cleaning. 
  • Their use not only irreparably deteriorates the sealing gaskets but also affects the nickel plating and any treatments present on the atomizing nozzles.

For correct system operation and the guarantee that your spray nozzles and fans work, it is advisable to have an adequate number of spare nozzles, perform a regular cleaning and replacement (fortnightly or monthly) and check the cleanliness of the filter on board of the nebuliser control unit.

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