Choose the best tiles for your room’s floor

Finding the right floor tiles have always been a tough decision to make. Well, this is mostly because of the wide range of choices available to you. There are different factors that contribute to the popularity of these floor tiles such as material, color, texture, and design. Nonetheless, not every floor tile can match the requirements of each room.

Whenever you are setting out to choose the tiles for your room’s floor, there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration. Some of these factors include the following

Check the tile’s hardness

The hardness of the tile has an important role to play in choosing it. The hardness of the tile should be taken into consideration by checking the foot traffic and scratches. The testing is done based on laboratory testing. Different ways are taken into consideration for determining the hardness of the tile from Class I to Class V.

Slip resistance

Most of the tiles are slippery which is why even with a drop of water, they tend to become slippery. This poses a severe risk of falling. If you have kids and elderly members in your family, you should be choosing a slip resistance tile. This is particularly important in the case of bathroom tiles, where falls generally happen. A proper slip-resistant tile is extremely important for such areas. You should check the COF (coefficient of friction), before purchasing the tile.

Moreover, you should prefer installing smaller size tiles to avoid the risk of falling. Ceramic, porcelain, pebble stone, glass, mosaic, and slate are some of the best choices for small scale tiles.

Use Light Colour Tiles

If you have a small space and no natural lighting, experts at Club Ceramic advise using light color tiles. This helps to make space appear larger. Apart from marble and porcelain, you can as well use colors such as white, beige or sand.

Instead of using big tiles, you should be using the smaller ones. The small tiles usually make space appear larger and vice versa. Another prominent aspect to make space appear larger is to use the same material tiles for walls and floors. This works most effectively in smaller bathrooms.

You should always be using an efficient and durable tile for flooring your room. Since tiles can get slippery, they will eventually increase the risk of falling. As a result, you should prefer taking proper precautions to avoid any accidents. Choosing the right tile will not only enhance safety but will also improve the aesthetic impact.

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