Discover the Best of Insulation Options in the Rooms

This is provided (protective shutdown devices with powers of 10 to 30 mA), this will protect against possible failure of the infrared heating element.The outside floor should not fit the heating element. The base is mounted only on the base cover, making it possible to remove it from heating.

 Safety Specifications

  • This film is protected by hydro and steam insulation on both sides, top and bottom.
  • Do not connect the cable to the power source with the principle of plug / socket.
  • IR films do not overlap accordingly.


  • The lifetime of the heating film is 20 years or more.
  • IR is not filled with solutions: It is covered with polyethylene when forming hard floor coverings. Before the linoleum floor, plywood is placed on top.
  • Having a smooth wood lining: this is used as a basis for IR, a pre-covered foiled material.

Assembly sequence

  • The infrared film is placed in the planned area, attached to the floor with a stapler or adhesive tape along the transparent edge which has no embedded wire.
  • They are made on the recess wall. Place the cable from the thermostat to the thermostat.
  • The place in the film in the connection area is thickened, for them to be made artificially digging technology.
  • The starting point is on the opposite side of the power connection point. This isfrom the wall leaving a free space of 20 centimeters.
  • Connect the copper end to the thermostat using the cable and contact clip included in the kit. Fix pliers, and insulation.

The brace is placed between the film and the wire. Connect the IR strip near the wall. When building it, wires of the same color are connected to each other, followed by insulation, and additional ties with adhesive tape.The cable is carried inside the wave. It is tightly closed with film, protecting it from moisture.After installation, check the performance of the entire structure, using a portable sensor. For the Underfloor Insulation UK  this is important now.

Electric cable heating

Heated provides 30% of its area, this is enough for an apartment with a centralized supply of hot water. Make a cable layout, exclude space under the cabinet, wardrobe, bed and the like. More often, this type of floor heating is done in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens, with tile floor coverings.

For energy consumption in a dry room with one square meter in one hour – 120 W /, with an increase in humidity – 140 W. For example, for a room of 6 m2 you need 720 W / hour.

The thermostat is placed at a distance of 30 centimeters from the floor. If it’s electronic, then you need to install it above.The cable is evenly distributed on thermal insulation materials thwarted throughout the site area, observing the field from 20 to 40 centimeters. Derived ends connected to the power supply. The maximum cable length must not exceed 6 meters.

After checking the performance of the whole system, it is poured concrete mixture. Bubbles are removed from the inside using the solution leveling rule (needle rollers). You can use an electric floor on a mat, which will significantly reduce installation time.

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