Enjoy Reading Some Interesting Fun but Important Facts About Acrylic Paint

The acrylic is used worldwide for various purposes beginning from fashion items to sophisticated PC lamination to textile etc. Acrylic paints are excellent in comparison to oil paints and watercolours. Though acrylic has been introduced to the market less than half a century back, it has almost replaced its counterparts oil paints and watercolours. If you are to printout and preserve your precious photos of your special moments in life do it by the professional of Big Acrylic. Know about a few interesting fun facts relating to acrylic paints.

  1. Acrylic paint is produced from the combination of acrylic polymer emulsion and pigment. The acrylic paint comprises water and acrylic resin. Since the resin is a sort of plastic when the acrylic paint dries you can easily paint another layer over it in order to give it a glossy look.
  2. The acrylic resin that is used in the acrylic paint was first patented by its inventor and chemist Otto Rohm from Germany in 1915. However, a different phenomenon relating the acrylic claims that the first acrylic fiber was produced by Dupont under the trademark of Orlon in the 1940s.
  3. Everybody agrees on the fact that acrylic paints developed from the1920s to 1940s and largely available in the market in the 1950s. Since then to the contemporary period acrylic has dominated the paint market and influenced its counterparts oil paints and watercolours.
  4. When it comes to cleaning of paints from hand or brush, the acrylic paint is the easiest as it is water-soluble. You just need an ordinary soap and water to clean it perfectly whereas you need cleaners for other paints. However, when acrylic paint dries it is difficult to remove. Therefore, it is advised to use apron while dealing with acrylic paints.
  5. Due to special characteristics of acrylic, you can easily modify it with medium or water. Eventually, acrylic looks splendid after modification and when dried as well as its texture. As soon as it dries it becomes extra strong and hard. Painters add salt and sand to make the texture gritty and add gesso to make it glossy and smooth.
  6. The two main grade of acrylic pigment which determines the quality of acrylic. One is for the artists and professionals and the other is for the students and studios. Eventually, the acrylic used by the artists and professionals is considered the best quality.
  7. The acrylic paint often resembles glass, oil and water paints, but is more than other paint in terms of its characteristics.

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