Find The Right Storage Unit Size Today

When you’re using storage facilities, it’s important to choose the right size unit from the start. Most storage companies charge varying prices for different size units, so getting an appropriately sized unit can help to minimise your costs. Furthermore, with the right sized storage unit, you can ensure your goods are kept safely and securely, and that there is enough room for the air to circulate.

However, estimating the amount of space you need can be the trickiest part of hiring a storage unit. Getting the right storage size isn’t always easy, but it is worth taking the extra time to determine how much space you’ll really need.

What can you keep in storage?

Although storage facilities do generally prohibit storing any dangerous goods in their units, there are few limitations on what you can store. If you’re moving house, for example, you may want a medium-sized unit to store household furniture, such as sofas and wardrobes. Alternatively, if you’re decluttering your home, you may want to keep sentimental items in a long-term storage facility. Depending on their size, a small unit or even a locker could be sufficient. Of course, if you want to store the entirety of your house in a storage unit or you need to keep commercial goods in a safe environment, a larger storage unit may be just what you need.

If you only have a few medium-sized boxes to store, a 25 sq ft unit could be enough to meet your needs. Around the size of a small shed or telephone box, boxes can be stacked on top of one another, as well as side by side. Estimated to hold around 30-40 medium-sized boxes, a 25 sq ft unit can be a great interim storage option if you’re moving to a new property and you don’t need to keep any large pieces of furniture in storage.

Alternatively, a 75 sq ft unit will be sufficient for most two-bedroom properties, so if you’re moving from this sized home or you’re renovating a property of this size, you should be able to manage with a unit of around this size. With units of 200 sq ft suitable for the contents of most four-bedroom homes, you can get an idea of what’s available at storage facilities, by visiting

Estimating the storage size you need

There are plenty of online estimators which can give you an idea of what sized unit will be sufficient for your requirements, but the most accurate way of determining which type of unit you’ll need is to visit your local storage facilities.

Staff are always pleased to new customers around, and you’ll have the opportunity to look at units of various sizes. With this information, you’ll be able to choose the right sized storage unit and begin the process of moving your belongings into storage. Making sure you select the right-sized unit is the key to successful storage, so ask staff for advice and do your research before you make a final decision.

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