Four Signs It Is Time to Replace your Windows

Replacing your existing windows can improve comfort, cut down your energy bills, increase the value of your home, and improve the quality of life of your family. This is possible as new MD Portes et Fenêtres can provide better ventilation and more access to natural light. However, how would you know it is time to replace your windows? The signs below should tell it is time to buy new windows:

You Have Worn Out Windows

If your windows show signs of rotting or warping this indicates that you must replace them. Particularly, wooden window frames can be tricky to maintain and once the rot has set into the wood, it can be difficult to stop the decay. Poor quality uPVC windows are likely to discolour over time and they can become warped when they expand in the heat. Failing double glazing can mean water leaks, chips, cracks, scratches, holes, and trouble regulating your home’s temperature. 

Your Energy Bill is Increasing

Old and inefficient windows can significantly affect the insulation and can result in high energy bills. As heat escapes your home, you will be using your central heating to compensate and this is also true when using your air conditioner. Older windows are usually single-paned and thus more vulnerable to leaks. Focus on investing in double-glazing with argon gas and low-emission glass to minimise heat loss. 

It is Hard to Open and Close the Windows

Windows can become impossible to open because of many reasons. For instance, this can happen when the window has been painted shut. Other causes of a stuck window include warped frame like uPVC windows that can expand and warp in hot weather. Although the uPVC will contract again when it cools, when this occurs again, this could mean the frame may be the wrong size for the aperture. Also, your windows can get stuck when your home’s foundations have shifted and the window frame does not fit in the space property anymore. 

You have Drafty Windows

Drafty homes will cause your energy bills to spike. Thus, if your windows are drafty, invest in new ones right away. New windows are more energy-efficient than old ones and could help you save some cash. Drafts can usually take place when the window does not shut properly which can be due to the locking mechanism no longer working. Plus, remember this can be a possible security problem. Have new windows installed when your existing ones are drafty. 

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