Guide to different kinds of range hoods for the kitchen

The most important space for a family in the house is the kitchen. It is the place where not only people cook, they also gather there for dinner, children spend their time here with their parents studying, baking and eating. Kitchen might be big and spacious but if there is no proper means to remove the smoke and heat, no one will feel comfortable. The kitchen hoods are the best solutions to remove the odor, smoke and grease coming out from the cooking to keep the indoor environment clean and beautiful.

Different types of range hoods

There are different kinds of kitchen hoods available in the market. You have to consider the one that functions in removing the smoke and smell out of the room. There are some things like looks, durability, maintenance and price to consider too. Some broad categories of range hoods are:

  • Under-cabinet range hoods: One of the most common types of range hoods found in most homes is the under-cabinet range hood. These are compact and have the size that matches to the size of the cooking range. These range hoods are mounted under the cabinets and above the stove. There are two types of under-cabinet range hoods, they are ducted and ductless.
  • Island or ceiling mounted range hoods: These types of range hoods hang from the ceiling over the cooktop on the island which is in the middle of the kitchen. These are ideal for a large kitchen.
  • Wall-mounted range hoods: These are large hoods installed over the cooking range and take up the entire space there. These are ideal to completely remove the dirt and smoke from the kitchen keeping it clean.
  • Downdraft ventilation hoods: This type of exhaust system remains hidden inside the cooking space and pops out when needed.

There are some other exhaust systems that are used by the homeowners for removing dirty air and smell. Wall chimney hoods, ventilator power pack hoods, wall ventilation fans etc are some examples.

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