How to Create a Hospitality-Inspired Bedroom

Hospitality-inspired bedrooms are becoming a trend nowadays due to their luxurious vibe. Unlike the typical master’s bedroom, this room design makes one feel like he or she is not in their own home, but instead on vacation in a hotel.

Initially, homeowners think that a luxury interior design is not achievable and only reserved for people who are rich and famous. However, thanks to the growing trend of hospitality-inspired designs, this elegant style is now available for both landed and studio homes.

So how do interior designers come up with a hospitality-inspired bedroom?

  1. Strategize a colour scheme.

Strategized colour schemes are a standout feature of a luxury interior design. There is a mix of soft neutral shades that are pleasing to the eyes, which are accentuated by bold solid hues of blue, black, or red.

The colour scheme plays a crucial role in creating a hospitality-inspired bedroom. The chosen shades are not due to their aesthetic value alone, but for their ability to set a comforting but at the same time, the sophisticated ambiance in the room.

  1. The bed is used as the focal point of the room.

Another feature of hospitality-inspired bedrooms is that the bed serves as the centrepiece of the room. It is situated in the middle of the room, with its head tucked in the centre of a wall.

The position of the bed is essential because luxurious bedrooms do not think about conserving space, but rather consuming it for comfort and style. As much as possible, allow adequate floor space on each side of the bed and not place it in one corner of the room.

A luxurious bed is not complete without a headboard. It is recommended to invest in a headboard that will not only set the bed frame apart from the wall but will also serve as the bed’s crowning glory.

  1. Soft linens and furnishings.

Since hospitality-inspired rooms are all about comfort, it is thus required to make good use of soft, fluffy linens and sheets. Perhaps it is best to put funds on the mattress and pillows, as they need to be appealing to the person who will use them.

The furnishings should also be inviting enough for people to rest and relax on them. These include the couch and the vanity unit, as well as lines such as blankets and bedsheets.

The linens should likewise match the colour scheme used in the room; otherwise they can damage the overall look that you are trying to achieve.

  1. Ambient lighting.

Of course, a luxurious bedroom knows how to utilise its lighting fixtures. Cove lights may be used to illuminate specific areas of the room without being too bright. Bedside lamps and wall lamps may also be used for additional lighting, but they should be placed strategically to serve the specific needs of the people staying in the room.

Natural light meanwhile also helps achieve a luxe appeal to the bedroom. Layers of sheer curtains may be installed not just to serve as window covers, but as a means to control the amount of natural light entering the room.


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