How To Decrease Lint And Debris On Your Dryer Vent?

Having a dirty dryer vent is tantamount to having a fire hazard right inside your home. And if you can escape the consequences of having your laundry area (or even your entire house) being engulfed by fire, you’ll still face other issues — such as paying higher utility bills and worse, developing respiratory diseases.

This is why experts recommend that you hire a Leesburg VA dryer vent cleaning professional at least once a year (or every three years, depending on how frequent you use your dryer).

Through this article, we’re giving away time-tested tips on how to decrease lint, debris and other stuff on your dryer vent.

What You Can Do

The way your dryer vent is designed makes it a welcoming space where lint and debris can accumulate over time. While Leesburg VA dryer vent cleaning is definitely a must-do, there are some things you can accomplish on your own.

Use your dryer with a 30-minute interval per load of laundry. This is especially helpful if you are washing tons of clothes. By doing this method of using your dryer, you will not overload your machine and allow for more air circulation; you’ll also prevent more lint from accumulating.

Always use a lint filter when drying your clothes. This filter is tasked to prevent lint from getting into your dryer vent. As this device plays a crucial role, it’s important to clean it before and after every cycle.

Invest in a liquid fabric softener. Instead of using a dryer sheet to make clothes more pleasant to touch, opt for a liquid fabric softener. Dryer sheets leave a residue on your dryer, which can cause clog at some point in the future.

Make it a habit to check your venting system. There are several reasons why your venting system can get damaged, restricted, or crushed. By regular inspection — especially of your air exhaust pipe — you can detect early on if there’s too much build of debris already.

Why Hire A Cleaning Expert

Indeed, you have a part to play in ensuring your dryer vent won’t accumulate that much lint and debris. However, it’s important to know why you shouldn’t skip hiring a Leesburg VA dryer vent cleaning expert. Here are some reasons why.

They have experience. Not only are these cleaning experts have the technical know-how, but they have also already cleaned enough dryer vents to assure you that they know just how to take care of yours.

They have the proper tools. Cleaning a dryer vent is a rather challenging task; you’d have to have a set of tools to carry this out efficiently and effectively. This is one of the biggest advantages of hiring a dryer vent cleaning pro.

They ensure that your entire dryer vent is thoroughly cleaned. Professional cleaners have one mission in mind: to get their job done right. And this means ensuring that all parts, nooks, and crannies of your venting system have been meticulously cleaned.

They help extend the lifespan of your dryer vent. By guaranteeing that your dryer vent is thoroughly cleaned, you are increasing the lifespan of both your dryer and dryer vent.

Dirty interior air quality at home can affect you and your family’s health and a dirty dryer vent contribute to this. If you need a Leesburg VA dryer vent cleaning, contact us today at JCS Home Services.


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