How To Exterminate Paper Wasps

While paper wasps do fill a need in nature, when they get excessively near individuals and feel threatened, they will protect themselves by stinging whoever is undermining them. Paper wasp stings are not really life-threatening, yet they can cause tingling, excessively painful, swelling and redness. Therefore, you should treat them as soon as possible when you get stung by one. Treating a paper wasp sting isn’t difficult and should be possible from home when the reaction isn’t extreme.

Treating paper wasps’ sting; The first thing you have to do is treat the affected area with soap and water and take out the stinger, paper wasps rarely lose their stingers. When the stinger has been removed, apply an anti-infection treatment and ice the area for 15-20 minutes consistently until the swelling has died down. You can take Benadryl to help with the itching and ibuprofen for the pain. Meat tenderizer can also be used as a paste to apply to the sting area. This occasionally lessens swelling and torment, just like ice.

Off chance that paper wasps have assembled their nest in or around your house, there’s a chance that you’ll see it. However, this is not always the case. The round nest will look like that of a gray paper. Moreover, it will hang upside down on s single stalk from a horizontal area. Just like I said earlier, the paper wasps like to keep their home protected. Along these lines, they will build their nests in shielded areas. Here are a few natural areas where you may recognize a paper wasp nest:

  • Storage areas and crawl spaces
  • Porch roofs.
  • Under overhanging eaves and awnings.
  • Underneath decks and porches.
  • Undersides of arches or balconies.
  • Window corners
  • Inside hose reels and gas grills

Here are tips to help you get rid of paper wasps:

Do a thorough inspection to know the location of all nest; paper wasps are not really aggressive. The Yellowjackets are less active at night, so remove the nest and put insecticide at dusk. For other species of wasps, you can remove the nest at any time of the day.

When you use insecticide, make sure to read all the instructions that come with the product. After treatment, remove the dead wasps and all nests you find. During the treatment, do not stand directly under the nest, as wasps may swarm and sting you. Make sure you use a long pole to disturb the nest and wear protective gloves and clothing.

After removing the nest, treat the area with the same residual insecticide, which will kill the paper wasps returning to the same spot for their nesting site. When you have eliminated the paper wasps, be sure to trim down the shrubs and hedge around the structure.

Contact a professional help: when the wasps’ nests are too much for you to handle, call a professional to help you out. They know what treatment to use that is safe for you and your pets. Moreover, some treatment may be only available to professionals. So, it is advisable to insect exterminator & pest control service.

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