Reviewing granite as countertop material: Good and bad decoded!

Kitchen remains the most functional space of your home, and it makes sense to invest in the right things. One of the most important areas of the kitchen is the countertop. Depending on the design and layout, you may have one or two countertops, and durability and function must precede everything else when you look for materials. Even when there are so many stylish tiles around, granite remains a favorite. You can check for comptoir de Granite au Sommet for options, but before that, let’s take a look at the pros and cons to determine if granite is the right option for your kitchen.

The good about granite

If you want a countertop that doesn’t depreciate in value and looks the same even with years of use, granite is the ideal material by all means. It is a natural option, and the look of granite is always appealing. Homes with granite countertops always fetch a better price, if you choose to sell the property at some point. Unlike some of the other countertop materials, granite doesn’t harbor bacteria and is not had to maintain. When you work on the countertop, you don’t have to worry much about placing a hot pan. In other words, extra care is not required for granite countertops. Maintenance is also a breeze – just clean your countertop with a mild soapy cloth.

On the other side

Well, not exactly a con though, but granite looks the same, even with years of use. If at some point, you get bored with how it looks, you will have to replace it. Granite is a natural material, so if you have many countertops and want all of them to look the same, this might be not be a great option. Installation of granite can be an issue at times, and the material is expensive, so you can expect to spend a tad more beyond your expected budget. Countertops made of granite may need extra support because the material itself is heavy.

Verdict – Granite is an ideal choice

Countertops need to be functional, stylish and appealing at the same time, and granite is an ideal choice by all means. If you keep the installation and costs in check, it could be an investment for the long run. Check online now to find vendors who sell granite, and ask for estimates. Compared to tiles and marble, granite is better for countertops.

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