Smart ways of fixing a shelf in your kitchen

Are you planning to get a modular kitchen unit to your house? A standard modular unit comprises of pre-designed cabinets and fully-functional design to cater user’s needs. These cabinets are designed to assemble and disassemble the setup easily. Apart from providing excellent storage solutions to limited or small kitchens, the installation of modular unit makes the whole area highly appealing. The modern units are all about shelves, cabinets, and drawers.

Kitchen needs a lot of storage boxes, especially Indian kitchen where hundreds of cooking essentials are to be stored. You need things to be handy when cooking in the kitchen. Store the ingredients, utensils in a place where it can be hand-picked quickly. There are different types of shelf designs or shelves that can be fitted in your kitchen. These storage options give easy accessible solutions to different parts of your kitchen, based on your needs, preference, and area.

Open shelf

From medieval and ancient architecture to modern and contemporary era, open shelves have always been an integral piece of the kitchen layouts. Open shelf is the simplest and stylish form of storage; if you’ve small gallery kitchen or   parallel kitchen, open shelves can be installed on the walls in rows to get a rich look. You can also fit them adjacent to cabinet, if you have enough space. Select a shade that compliment the colour of the shelf. If you’ve extra space, you can decorate them with colourful handmade baskets and mason jars.

Corner shelf

Don’t let your corner space go waste; if you’ve any huge gap left between two cabinets or corners, consider placing a corner shelf. You can find a range of wooden shelves, which can be cleaned easily as well. Not many house owners realise the importance of corner shelves as storage spaces. These come in a range of designs and styles that can fit in any required areas. You can also customise it as per your needs. These shelves can be of solid wood, metal, plastic, and laminated wood. They come as a wall-hang style, so that you can fix them next to the marble countertop as well.

Wall shelf

Easy to install, these ready-made shelves can be fitted in the extra wall to jazz up things. Wall mounted shelves are considered as the decorative pieces where you can experiment with design and colours.

Under cabinet shelf

Placed under the cabinets, these pull-out shelves come handy; if you want to make use of small space in your kitchen, go for these closed or open shelves fitted under the cabinets.

Shelf racks

Ideal to store your used ingredients, such as oil, spices, sugar, and tea power, installing shelf rack above the worktop can immediately solve your basic storage problems. From stainless steel to wooden racks, you can find different sliding racks as well in the market.

Combination of all types of drawers, cabinets, and shelves make a functional kitchen setup. Have a look at the various modular kitchens designs that are worth the consideration. Choose the best layout that offers spacious, functional, and exotic vibe.

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