Spray Paint Or Replace – What’s Better When Revamping A House?


Revamping the exteriors is a tricky affair that can make a huge hole in your pocket if not planned properly. Keeping the fact that budget is the first constraint, replacing everything might not be a very good idea after all. Replacing sidings and garage doors should, thus, be the last resort. But how to change the look then, that’s what comes to mind almost immediately. For most people, the answer is to paint the entire thing with a new color. But, is that really enough? Well, in certain cases it might be, but the better option, under all scenarios, is spray painting. 

It is a serious option that bridges the gap between newness and a new product. When spray painting an old structure, it is possible to add designs that are new. As a result, the structure looks not just sparkling clean, but it is nothing like the previous version. So, for as long as your doors and sidings are torn out into thin sheets, spray painting is a better choice than replacing a structure with a new one. After all, why spend double the amount when the old ones can be transformed into something new completely? 

Moving on, spray painting different structures like aluminum and fiber is the best choice because these are very strong. Flakiness on the surface doesn’t mean they are closing the expiry date. It just means that they require revamping. And spray painting by professionals at Spray Net will serve the purpose. Besides, spray paints can bind to many surfaces like vinyl, cement, wood, and fiber. So, no matter what material your garage doors, windows, and wall sidings are, spray painting is the best option because;

  • Spray paint sticks to all kinds of surfaces very strongly.
  • Spray paint doesn’t melt due to heat and is waterproof too.
  • Spray paint can be blended in order to create unique colors and designs. 
  • Spray paint increases the life of the structures.
  • Spray paint repels dust and requires very little maintenance. 

These reasons are all very tempting. But the real screw up begins when people believe that they can replace professionals and still get the same result. It is, however, untrue. Spray painting is fun but it’s not easy. Creating a design with spray paint on paper using stencils is entirely different from spray painting a house. You need professionals because;

  • They can flatten dented surfaces with correct tools and knowledge but you can’t. And smoothness is the first requirement for a seamless finish. 
  • They have trained hands that can create any design you want without smudging the corners. 


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