The Most Favourite Architectural Styles Most Home Owners Seek For

Most people often claim that they know, or they have sufficient knowledge of the architecture while buying a home or constructing a house. In fact, even if they maybe knowing a few architectural styles like partial modern, Cape Cod, mountain or single home style, they are often open to new architectural style provided they are given the opportunities to witness and gain more knowledge on various architectural styles. Get the expert architectural assistance from Stendel Reich architecte centre de distribution for your constructions.

There are numerous architectural styles particularly for residential homes like adobe revival, beach, bungalow, cape cod, colonial, contemporary, contemporary craftsman, country, federal colonial, Florida, farmhouse, English cottage, federal colonial, Georgian, Greek revival, chalet, Mediterranean, Mid-century modern, mountain, northwest, prairie, ranch, shingle, Spanish, southern, traditional, Tudor, Tuscan, Victorian etc. 

In order to give a short description of a few styles from the above architectural styles let us begin from the adobe revival. The adobe revival is also known as the mud-brick. The adobe revival style is called mud-brick because of the use of organic materials like mud which is one of the earliest materials used in construction across the world. The adobe revival is very popular in the middle east, west Asia, West Africa, South-western and South America, Eastern Europe and Spain. The adobe bricks were popular in Spain since the 8th century BC. The adobe bricks vary in size and are commonly the sizes of normal baked bricks or can reach adobines which means one or two yards.

The beach style of houses is normally popular among the seaside people which is appropriate for the oceanfront locations. You can use it for a vacation near the sea or in the highland areas too. The tidewater style of houses is one of the versions of beach style houses very popular among the people in Southeast coasts of America since the 1800s appropriately designed for both wet and hot climates.

The Bungalows were originated in India. Prior to 1659, the Bungalows were known in different names called the Bunguloues which means temporary shelter that can be easily set up. There were different names before Bungalows came in 1820 like Banggolos, Bangla, Bungales etc. The description of Bungalows as per the British in India were longhouses with low buildings drooping attics and wide verandas. The roofing was initially thatched but later this was replaced by fire-proof tiles. The roofing of the Bungalow was secured with insulating air ventilators to prevent the heat. During the 1880s the Bungalow was very popular among the Americans and you can see the Bungalows in New England and Southern California.

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