The perfect Choices for the best Vacuum Cleaners

In different sizes and shapes, vacuum cleaners gain more adherents every day due to their practicality when cleaning.

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For those who have many rugs, curtains and especially a pet at home, the use of vacuum cleaner is critical. However, with so many makes and models on the market, choosing the right equipment is often a tricky task and that’s when questions start to arise: which vacuum cleaner to buy? What is the best vacuum cleaner for car cleaning? Which model is indicated to eliminate dust mites? In order to answer all of these questions and make a successful purchase, it is important to analyze where it will be used. For large spaces, a more robust version will be required. The bissell crosswave review will make you aware of the processes now.

After all, which vacuum cleaner to buy?

To make your choice easier, we list below the main models available in the market and the best applications for each one. Keep up.

Vertical Type Vacuum Cleaner: Also known as an electric broom, this model is very practical as it simulates a broom but with less physical effort. Unlike the conventional broom, it does not require as many strides to perform the cleaning. In addition, some models have a 2-in-1 version, which, when uncoupled, turn into a handheld vacuum cleaner, ideal for vacuuming sofa, carpet and car upholstery. It is suitable for small spaces, such as houses and apartments of up to 80 square meters, as it does not have the bag that stores the garbage, being its smaller reservoir compared to other models.

Conventional vacuum cleaner: This type of horizontal vacuum cleaner is the most common and therefore has a wider variety on the market. They are suitable for cleaning upholstery, curtains, rugs and floors in medium sized houses. However, in this format there are two different types: with bag and without bag. Bag models are great for allergy sufferers as there will be no contact with dirt to empty the reservoir. However, these models do not vacuum water. Bagless vacuum cleaners are practical precisely for vacuuming liquids, and there is no need to buy disposable bags either.

Vacuum and water vacuum: This type of vacuum is suitable for large spaces, as well as more powerful, have the function of vacuuming water. Ideal for houses with large yard. They are also very good for aiding in carpet and upholstery washing. They can suck up the water and speed up the drying process. In addition, some models have the blowing function, which helps in cleaning sheets, for example.

Portable Vacuum Cleaner: Better known as a car vacuum cleaner , this model is ideal for small places where hand or conventional models can’t reach. It does a good job on car upholstery, drawers and other quick cleaners. It also has the advantage of being a more affordable product, and because of its compact size, can be stored more easily.

Professional vacuum cleaner: They are suitable for large spaces and for cleaning companies, for example when it is done very often. They are also the models indicated for professional use. They have more power, larger reservoirs and nozzles, and longer power cord, allowing for greater locomotion.

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