The Truest Options for Plumbing Options

The time when people were living in communal apartments in a compact, or if they were completely bad luck, then in a combined bathroom, painted with green paint with a yellow bath and toilet, run or leave it all . Therefore, in these conditions, talk about the design of the bathroom and its need within it is overdue. For the fort worth plumber this is the best deal.

The Quantity

The quantity and quality of bathrooms on the comfort of the house is more than one of its features. But with the bathrooms the most suitable convenience should be their design, planning and settlement, when designing the house.

For bathrooms a suitable place should be found in the house (accessible, but not in sight, and there may be a convenient sewer and water supply). Putting equipment, follow the ergonomic rules. The bathroom is an excellent test land. With a private design, room where you can do everything to your pleasant, pick up essential accessories in matching style to the alleged bathroom. But firstly “convenience”, competent planning decisions should always be established.

The Bathrooms for You

The number of bathrooms in the house depends on the needs and opportunities of the owners. Reasonable based on the number of family members (according to the rules in both bedrooms need one bathroom), their age (for the elderly, it is desirable to provide a separate bathroom) and the number of house store (bathrooms are required on all floors). In a two-story house, the most comfortable bathroom is the bedrooms on the second floor, and at the first level there is a bathroom. But if there is a bedroom or guest room, you need a bathroom, shower at least. In a single-storey house, they make at least a bathroom with a common day area and a comfortable bathroom in the bedrooms.

  • Bathrooms recommend a different floor together (or above the kitchen). It will reduce the length of pipes in the house. After all, plumbing fixtures will be concentrated across the feeders, and in the case of a scheduling the living rooms will not be minimal. House regulations generally prohibit bathrooms over living rooms and bedrooms.

Bathroom suites and bathrooms depend on the size of the instruments and the distances between them. When designing a house, it is desirable to first decide what equipment and furniture to install in the bathroom, and to provide the area and shape required for the room. If the smaller bathroom is smaller, you should consider its dimensions, the composition of the equipment, the location of doors and windows.

Bathroom ventilation It is important to affect the quality of the atmosphere in the house. Calculate the cross section of the ventilation ducts, as well as devices of the supply and exhaust system a specialist should. In addition, remember that the window in the bathroom improves ventilation.

Location of bathroom in house

Bathrooms and bathrooms are better located for the users. One bathroom per floor, this is the comfort, but still with the bedrooms, it is more convenient to have a bathroom with entrance from the master bedroom and separate for the kids. On the first floor the bathroom is located near the house in front of the guests (but without the entrance from the living room!), or in the block with the guest room.

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