The two ups you need for your office/factory today

Power supply related mishaps occurring in an office prove to be highly disastrous for the office workers. Since it is a space where most of the work deals with data, the people try to use the best suitable technologies to protect their data from power outages, fire, overload, short circuits, etc.

What is a UPS?

Uninterruptible Power Supply electrical apparatus is one of such technologies that assist the office to maintain its power supply in case of any mishap due to which the main source of power supply stops working.

UPS for offices

Mercury Diamond Smart series is a type of UPS that can help in adjusting the voltage to prevent any type of electrical problem that may arise.

  • It is specially designed with advanced circuits in Line-Interactive system with Stabilizer
  • One UPS can be utilized for every four computers with a standard type of plug and a USB port
  • The UPS has the battery capacity of 1500VA and carries 900Watts power supply
  • The UPS has simple power manager software, called microcomputer controller, with just an on-off switch
  • The UPS has instead LCD screen that helps the users to take control of its functions.
  • The UPS is also equipped with a backlight for clear visualization

UPS for factories

Uranut Smart Plus 2000 is another type of Uninterruptible Power Supply that is used in the heavy industrial field.

  • Uranut Smart Supply is built especially for its compatibility with network and power backup systems in factories.
  • The power reserve level in this UPS ranges from 10KL to 40 KL
  • It is a true online double conversion UPS with a Microprocessor control width IGBT inverter design
  • The Uranut smart supply is a built-in output isolation transformer
  • The UPS has the ability to softly restart AC/DC by Cold Start Function
  • The manufacturers provide LCD and LED displays for the users to remain constantly aware of the status of the UPS

In conclusion, it can be noted that the expansion of utility of UPS has led to multifold growth in various sectors, wherever electrical power supply is used to work. The growth is no longer hindered by any accidents that can cause reduction or stoppage in the supply of electrical power.

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