Tips for Doing Preventive Maintenance of Your Commercial Pools 


If you really want to enjoy your swimming pool at your home then it is essential that you must keep it in perfectly maintained condition. 

Not maintaining your swimming pool regularly will make your investment redundant and it will create a bad environment in your backyard. 

Therefore, it is essential that you must do regular preventive maintenance of your pool. You may prefer to hire the services of piscine commerciale De Mone for undertaking this service.

Following are few important tips for doing preventive maintenance of your swimming pool.

  1. Routine cleaning

There is always a chance that minerals present in the water may get deposited within the pool and hence regular cleaning is very essential.

  1. Polishing with cleaners

If there are stainless steel items present in your swimming pool then choose certain suitable chemicals in order to keep this metal part fully clean.

  1. Check the gutters for clogging

Gutters around the swimming pool are likely to get clogged due to the presence of many different things in the water and therefore it is necessary to check them regularly. 

  1. Drain and clean the tank

Make sure that all the tanks used within the swimming pool are perfectly clean so that water does not get contaminated with various undesirable things.

  1. Check the function of valves

All the valves used in the swimming pools have got important functions to do. So, for better performance of the swimming pool, it is necessary to check their performance. 

  1. Flush the drain

Often sludges may be building up in the water which may clog the drain of the pool. So, you need to flush the drain time to time.

  1. Auto-fill system cleaning

Clean the auto-fill system regularly and also make sure that all the sensors used are working properly. 

  1. Clean the plaster with right cleaner

If you have concrete swimming pool then its plaster may need proper cleaning and maintenance. Use the right cleaner for plaster so that it may not wear out.

  1. Inspect lifeguard chairs

Lifeguard chairs are meant for the safety of the swimmers and hence you must regularly inspect that they functioning properly. 

  1. Inspect all ladders

All the ladders of the swimming pool will be regularly used and therefore it is necessary to ensure that they are in perfect condition.  

  1. Replace carbon di-oxide tubing

Over a time, all tubing may become brittle and also crack which may lead to CO2 leaking and may create safety concern. So, replace the tubing on a regular basis.


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