Types and Features of Access Control Systems


Access control systems are an important part of securing your business. These systems, as a priority, allow you to decide who is granted entry to specific sensitive areas of your premises so that you can keep intruders out. They use ID’s (cards, keys, tags), PIN’s or by utilizing some biometric system. Biometry guarantees the most security but is slow compared to others which makes many users opt for tags and cards.

To help you select the ideal Access Control system for your needs, let’s look at the types that are currently available:

Stand-Alone Systems

They are perfect for offices, warehouses, small shops, etc. and has a limit of 30 registered users.

Telephone entry systems are a modification of stand-alone systems. The system provides the option for a guest to call up to a homeowner so that they can remotely unlock the door for them. 

 Managed Systems

 These systems are linked to a central software app from which users get administered, calendars and hours are controlled together with entry confirmations. This enables security personnel to restrict access as well as monitor who enters a specific access point and when they did so. 

Corporate systems

Provide a complete web-based, multi-platform, multi-site software management system which can parameterize many various types of entry conditions. These solutions pave way for easy integration with third-party systems: Tele assistance, intrusion, CCTV surveillance, vehicle access, messaging, alerts, asset management, intercoms, time and attendance, cyber-security (manage both logical and physical access), etc.

The proper access control system for your business and premises enhances your safety. It is better to install an ideal system rather than paying for features that you’ll not use. If you are not sure how to assess your security requirements, you can consult Barry Bros Security who will inspect your premises and recommend for you.


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