Types of Carpet and Rugs: 

Carpets and rugs make a place look beautiful; they add color and life to the area, be it a house or an . There are many types of rugs and carpets from which you can choose from according to your liking and according to the ambiance of the place. You can visit ITC Natural Luxury Flooring to choose from hundreds of carpeting options.

There are many types of carpet styles which mean variety in the carpet or rug fibers, colors, patterns, etc. yet, to find the best and most suitable one for yourself you must know about all types of rugs and carpets.

There are two main types of rugs and carpets, which are the loop pile and the cut pile carpet. However, both these types are further subdivided.

  1. Loop Pile: this type of carpet is created by looping the yarn through the backing and then making a particular style of the pile on the upside. There are three types of loop piles.
    1. Berber loop:this is the most common type of loop pile. Berber loop pile means that the fibers of the carpet are bent into a sequence of loops. This type of rug/carpet is durable and can resist staining, but it is not as softer or doesn’t have much cushion. The Berber has short loops, but a bit alteration is also possible. These carpets also don’t wear out or tear easily.
    2. Level loop:this type of carpet uses short loops. Every loop is carefully measured so that they are all of the same lengths, these carpets are stiff but are ideal for places where a lot of people walk on it or use it. The loops are entirely symmetrical. 
    3. Multi-level loop:in a multi-level loop style, the top of the look is varied by the height. This is a fancy rug but is different from a patterned carpet. The variance on this carpet can change over time because the threads are made into looks. The change is not very prominent, but they do make a difference overall in your place’s outlook.
  2. Cut Pile:this type of carpet is sheared and exposes the end of carpet fiber (more like a rug) they are also softer than loop pile carpets. There are four types of cut pile carpets.
    1. Saxony:in this cut-pile carpet, the fiber is packed very tightly together and is cut as evenly as possible. The fibers are a half-inch high, and because of this, it has a smooth appearance. It is also called the plush carpet for its luxurious feels. You can find this carpet at ITC Natural Luxury Flooring.
    2. Textured:This carpet has its fibers twisted and then cut. It is a super-soft carpet with a casual appearance. The fibers are twisted very tightly so they can resist stain and are easy to clean.
    3. Frieze:this carpet has short fibers which can curl in any direction. It has a sturdy look and is also known as a shag pile rug. The fibers of this carpet are not tightly knit, so it is difficult to clean. It gives an informal feel to the place.
    4. Pattern:this carpet uses a mixture of cut and looped yarn to produce a pattern. The looped areas of the rug vs. the cut area of the rug makes a beautiful symmetrical or floral pattern.

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