What are the Different Types of Countertops for Remodelling Your Kitchen?

You can get varieties of kitchen countertops such as granite kitchen countertops, marble countertops, countertops made out of artificial stones, porcelain tile countertops, stainless steel, concrete, wood, glass, steatite etc. Each type of kitchen countertop has numerous benefits as well as demerits. It is important for you to know what the different types of kitchen countertops are including their pros and cons especially if you are planning to renovate your kitchen. Consider approaching comptoir de cuisine Entrepot Cuisine to avail the best kitchen countertops that will not only fit and suit your kitchen but are durable and affordable.

The marble kitchen countertops are still popular for their beauty and aesthetics and have genuinely gained prominence over the years. Being a potential natural stone, the marble instantly serves the best purpose of your kitchen providing a sense of cleanliness and beauty. You must have seen the elegance of white marble kitchen countertops enhancing the beauty and significance of the kitchen.

You can get a variety of colours of marble kitchen countertops to choose that best suits your kitchen. You can also get shades of brown, grey, taupe and green in the marble kitchen countertops that would match the cabinets of your kitchen. However, as a stone material, marble tends to be softer in comparison to other stone materials and needs your careful attention especially while cutting the marble. If you cut the marble directly it may result in scratches. Secondly, marbles are porous leading to temporary spills becoming permanent stains if not cleaned quickly and completely.

The quartz kitchen countertops are preferred basically for their durability. The quartz kitchen countertops are not 100% quartz but are engineered out of natural quartz and resin binder. The quartz kitchen countertops are non-porous, strong and hard, and re-sealing is not required for quartz. The quartz gives an amazingly similar look with granite and marble and is more durable than the granites and marble.

The granite is considered one of the best kitchen countertops and very popular among the homeowners. It is hard, strong and durable, and is available in a various range of dark and light colours along with flecks and variations. The advantage of granite in comparison to other kitchen countertop material is you can cut the granite full and the half bullnose, various edge choices including bevelled, square, ogee and other numerous shapes and styles of your choices.

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