What is Interior Designing and The Principles of Interior Designing?

Interior designing is relatively closer to architecture and involves proper planning and designing of spaces and is a part of environmental designing. Though the concept of the practice of decoration and creating a pleasant living environment is as old as the civilizations, the terminology, concept and work of contemporary interior designing is relatively new and emerging. The contemporary concept of interior designing signifies a broader area of performances and considers it as a full-fledged and serious profession. In some of the American and European countries where the interior designing is popular and well-established is also known as interior architecture and the people closely associated with interior designing call it environmental designing. Get in touch with Lipari Design to get the best out of your interior designing.

Interior design is a specialized aspect of architecture. But if the practice of interior designing is performed out of context then it is neither specialized nor meaningful. The fundamental elements of interior designing are structural aspects of construction, the planning of sites, landscape, furniture, interior details, and the architectural graphics.

Many contemporary structures or buildings have plenty of technological elements further making the interior designing more complicated and unattainable. Therefore, often it is confusing and difficult for individual interior designers to work out a complete and comprehensive interior designing planning. Eventually, a team of interior designers normally engage with fruitful interactive communication towards working out a common goal.

The interior designing is usually divided into two basic categories, the residential interior designing and non-residential interior designing. In residential interior designing, the designer gets his or her service charges from the commission or percentages from the total budget. On the other hand, the non-residential interior designing is often called as contract designing because the designer of contract designing gets the compensation or contractual fee.

One of the popular specialised areas of interior designing is space planning which is significantly gaining importance in the contemporary designing market. The space planning involves allocation of space, analysis of the needs of space and the functional interrelation with the business firms.

There are various specialized interior designing firms providing specialised services like office designing, hotel and store designing, industrial parks or shopping centre designing, school & college designing, hospitals, clinics and nursing home designing etc. The non-residential interior designing firms function as associates and engage small team of designers, architects, graphic designers and industrial designers. On the other hand, residential designers take up a small project involving fewer numbers of designers.

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