The government of Los Angeles introduced the soft story ordinance in 2015. The buildings that are weak and need improvement are included in the list. These buildings are called soft-story buildings. Soft story buildings are vulnerable to damage by an earthquake; thus repairing is required. The soft-story program is included in the law. Thus, if you don’t pay proper heed, then you will be heavily fined. Taking this thing into consideration is of great significance. 

Which building requires retrofitting?

A soft-story building is such a building that has more than three stories and a vast area on the ground floor. There is much more information about these soft-story buildings. These are the buildings for which retrofitting is required. You will need to comply with the retrofitting program if your building structure matches with any of the given below:

  • A wooden building having at least two stories is included in soft-story buildings. Wood is not a very strong material. It also doesn’t have any flexibility. Thus, an earthquake can cause massive damage to such structures.
  • A building that is built before 1978 will require retrofitting. Due to age, these buildings require proper care.
  • A building which has a vast space on the ground floor will require retrofitting.

The steps you need to follow for retrofitting:

  • The procedure starts with proper inspection. You can hire a civil engineer to inspect your building in terms of safety.
  • The civil engineer will make plans for the improvement of your building. 
  • The plan is to be submitted to City Plan Checkers for approval. This is the most difficult step.
  • After approval, the real task of construction begins. According to the retrofit program, you can either repair your building or you can demolish it altogether. It totally depends on you.
  • The process of retrofitting is really complex. You can hire the services of a professional retrofitting company. Retroffiting360 is much popular in the market. Click to find more about their services. The best thing is that you don’t need to worry about even a single thing.

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