When and Where is Best for Resin Flooring


Resin flooring has lots of advantages for businesses that are both commercial and industrial. Different types of resin flooring have different characteristics, which makes it the perfect flooring solution for all sectors. 

What are the benefits of resin flooring?

Resin flooring is most commonly made from a polyurethane or an epoxy resin (plastic). This is applied onto a surface which has been prepared accordingly, to ensure it bonds well. Resin flooring is a highly durable, tough and strong flooring system which is ideal for high traffic industrial areas. The floor is flexible, meaning it can absorb high impacts to minimise damage. 

Another benefit is that resin flooring has a seamless finish. This makes it super easy to clean, it’s hygienic, and waterproof due to having nowhere for water or germs to get in!

Resin flooring is customisable, it is available in many different colours, and you can even add decorative flakes or swirl/glitter effects. As well as looking good, this is helpful to industries that want to mark different areas in the building, like where it is safe to stand next to machinery. For food industries, this is helpful to point out where to store things to avoid cross contamination. 

To outline some of the most important factors to industries:

Resin flooring is very hygienic and low maintenance.

It is a great solution where hygiene is massively important, for example schools, hospitals, kitchens, and food industries. Its seamless design, meaning it has no crevices or edges like tiles, means that it is waterproof and low maintenance. This is because it is easy to clean up anything that spills and then disinfect. 

Resin Flooring is safe.

Adding a non-slip aggregate can make your resin flooring a very safe solution. This is ideal for places that might get wet, such as swimming pools, bathrooms, cleaning areas, marine areas, and kitchens. 

If you were to have concrete, or a tiled floor in these areas, it is highly likely that accidents will occur. 

Resin flooring is resistant to chemicals, high impact, and abrasion. 

Another reason why this flooring system is so long lasting and tough is because it is resistant to damage from chemicals. It can withstand lots of different types of acids, alkalis, oils and petrol. Because of this, resin flooring is the obvious choice for hospitals, chemical processing industries, the pharmaceutical industry and aircraft manufacturing industries. 

If there is lots of heavy machinery and vehicles being used in the area, that would be no problem for a resin flooring system either. 

On top of all this, damages to resin flooring can be localised. This means you only need to fix one area of the floor, rather than replace the whole thing. 


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